Day 2

Well day 2 wasn’t so bad. I definitely must go grocery shopping. I will make a list so I don’t buy anything superfluous (I’m thinking junk food) and so that I don’t miss any food tomorrow since all the grocery stores will be closed tomorrow.
It’s amazing how writing down quantities and points helps in eating less and better. Today I will concentrate on eating more vegetables. I had all my servings of fruits and vegetables yesterday, except they were all fruits. I will make a nice big batch of soup to get me until the weekend. When I have soup, I tend to eat less rice and potatoes and fill up faster. I also feel full longer.
Tomorrow evening is the New Year’s traditional first supper out at the restaurant with my relatives. I hope they have fish and salad. I am also saving my 35 weekly points for Champagne and dessert. Hopefully, I will have some left over for a glass of wine over the weekend.
I must do some exercise today, now that the pain in my sciatic nerve has subsided a little bit.

Must go do my grocery shopping!


~ by anewmomentum on December 31, 2008.

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