1rst Meeting

Well my goal for a  healthy weight is 135 pounds, I would like to go down to  117 pounds, which I once weighed 6 years ago and when I used to be in my thirties.  I give myself three months to reach my healthy weight and 6 months to reach what I consider my ideal weight. That translates into losing  a pound and a half every week, which is quite manageable.

Looking back at 2008, I wasn’t on a diet and I did let myself go.  I didn’t pay attention to the quality and the quantity of food I ate and I just managed to balloon to an unhealthy weight.  I am borderline obese.  I did manage to pick up a couple of healthy habits though.  I started walking 3-4 times a week with my colleague Johanne 30 minutes at lunch time.  I will definitely continue once I return to work January 5.  I did notice that I maintained my weight when I walked regularly and when I prepared my lunches in the morning for work.

For 2009, I will try to do these three things:  prepare my food for most of the week nights on Sundays; go out shooting a least once a week for a minimum of two hours, once the weather is more clement; eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.  Every month I will try to change some other behaviours.

Signing off to read the new momentum program.


~ by anewmomentum on December 29, 2008.

One Response to “1rst Meeting”

  1. I like the new momentum program, atleast what I have read about it. I have not really tried it. I will go to my meeting tonight to find out more. Looks like you are well prepared with good goals. I lost a lot of weight on WW and I found that have big and small goals is so important. Great job

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