Hello world!

Well here is my new blog on dieting. I have read in many places that if I have a diet journal it will help me keep on track. I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member, having achieved twice my goal weight. This time I would like to keep it off, so I will swear off for the rest of my life taking mood pills which are known to trigger carb cravings. Instead, I will load up on Omega-3s and vitamin D.

I have found WW meetings around the corner from my place every Monday night so I will enroll for a twelve week program and hope that it will be enough time to reach a healthy weight of around 133 pounds for my height. My goal weight is 115-118 pounds.

The new WW Momentum program seems promising as it amalgamates the Flex and core programs together. That means many healthy foods, rich in fibre, which make you feel full for a longer time.

I will seriously have to start exercising more vigorously and regularly. Walking 30 minutes every day with Johanne my colleague at work simply isn’t enough. My goals must be realistic though. I cannot expect to work out at the gym 5 days a week the first week on my diet.

Tomorrow I will see if I will publish a self portrait of my body so I can see the progress I make. I will get a little weight loss ticker in any case to monitor my progress. Well, until tomorrow, I am signing off.


~ by anewmomentum on December 28, 2008.

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